Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Saffron scented Potatoes au Gratin with Asparagus

This au gratin dish is from a vegan cooking class at Spork Foods I took with a vegan-friend several years ago. I have made it many times, and usually stick to the recipe because I typically have soy milk and fake-butter on hand. This time, I just felt like making it full-fat, full animal version. And I was inspired because my coworker just gave me some Saffron that she recently brought back from a trip to Dubai. My husband has also been pretty fired up lately about Steak Friday, and of course, potatoes and steak are such a great pair!


They turned out great, but I was wondering what they would taste like if I had used a waxy potato instead of a russet (which is what the recipe called for). A quick google search shows that most recipes call for russets, but there are a few for red potatoes, or unspecified ones. No complaints from the husband or our company about the final product. In fact, our friend commented that he would not change a thing because they were perfect. So for next time, I guess I can use whatever looks best at the market and make my decision then.

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Ribeye said...

I believe what "the company" said was "these potatoes are sublime ... I wouldn't change a thing." "The husband" agrees with "the company."