Thursday, January 23, 2014


… rang in the new year!
I'm so glad I remembered to consult my notes (from a post 5/29/13) before making this most recent batch of Gumbo. I tried several techniques to insure great results, and I think it all worked for a terrific tasting Gumbo.
Here are a few techniques I tried this time:
a. 1:1 ratio, using all-purpose flour (not GF)
b. Started off a little hotter for a quicker pace
c. Used heated stock, whisked in, boiling before each addition
d. Acted quickly when it started to go too fast. I noticed at one point it smoked, and firmed-up at the same time. I immediately pulled it off the heat and stirred vigorously to cool down. I never saw black speckles (phew)
e. Stayed very conscious of any drastic temperature changes. Even made sure vegetables were room temp going in
f. Pulled it off at the milk chocolate color stage, to be a little conservative. The roux took about 46 minutes - my fastest roux yet!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Steak Friday

The stars aligned last Friday, when I used a little know-how and a lot of luck in making Steak Friday a success! I used the cast iron skillet to sear both sides of the steak, then threw the whole thing into a hot oven, for a few minutes (I shaved off a couple minutes, remembering that during its rest, it would continue to cook). Meanwhile, I par-cooked potatoes and green beans, then sauteed them separately in butter and herbs to finish. It all came together so nicely! It is so wonderful when it all works out.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nice Juice

I will be making this regularly. I think it helps me be more calm, more intentional, more relaxed. Just - nicer.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Posole intent

I recently learned about Mind Mapping, and decided to draw a map of my desire to make Posole this weekend. It was interesting to see where a lot of the roads lead. Apparently my need to make posole has a lot to do with my need to take care of myself right now. Here are some of the words or phrases that came up (some of them, multiple times down completely different roads of thought): love, appreciation, soul, tradition, talent, process, earn, comfort, support, care of self, community, be a part of something, know me…

It is now a week later, I made the posole and had it for 4 days in a row. Usually I like leftovers for one dinner and maybe one lunch, then I get bored. But every day the stew just got better and better, and I looked forward to it every night. Now re-reading my intentions, I think the posole was a very comforting, care-giving, traditional, roots kind of a thing to prepare and consume. I added chicken to it in the end, but otherwise followed this recipe entirely. Time-consuming, but so worth it! Thanks (again) Rancho Gordo for excellent products and recipes!

Friday, January 3, 2014

some recents

December was a busy month (of course)! Wine tasting, work parties, fried turkeys, some hiking, cocktails, and of course Mexican Food…