Monday, August 29, 2011

Week 1 Wrap-Up

Well, week one certainly had its challenges, but I made it through. It was a particularly difficult week in my life personally, so the food challenges weren't really all that bad in comparison. I am proud of the fact that, being out of town (and away from all the factors I think I can control), it did not force me to cave. I packed a cooler with breakfast and snacks, and asked a friend about tasty vegan restaurant options. I ate out twice (Greek and Mexican) and though I probably did get a little gluten here, and a little animal product there in the greek food, I did really well. I was thrilled to find so many protein options in mexican vegan food - tofu, soy chorizo, "mock shrimp" ... and it was especially nice to have kombucha as a beverage option. There's something about mexican food, I just have to have something bubbly to wash it down with!

Not to beat a dead horse, but the caffeine withdrawal was brutal. Brutal! And abstaining from alcohol was also rough. The social aspect of abstaining from these two substances was expected of course, but still a bummer. I did make it through unscathed, mostly because I avoided going out at night (no extra caffeine intake to help me stay up late). I guess I'm proud of the accomplishment of sticking to the program. And I was especially tired, and seriously needed to recuperate from the week and get some rest. But generally speaking, saying NO to fun gatherings just because there will be too many temptations, well, that blows! That's just not me!

Knowing that this way of eating - this cleanse- is only temporary, for a finite period of time, this will keep me on task for a few more days. I have done well, and I think I can make it for a few more days.

Week two: I'll be honest, I am ill prepared. There are still some veggies and other items left from last week's massive shopping trip. But they've seen fresher days, so the pressure is on to use them up before it's too late. I strive to be one of those chefs that needs to use something up, and is able to whip up a delicious meal on the fly. I thought of just pulling out everything and making soup, but cucumber, spinach, celery, tofu and bean sprout soup just doesn't sound right. Another personal challenge in cooking and eating awaits.

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