Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Waves of nausea, pounding, beating pressure in my head, light hurts my eyeballs, wobbly vision, woozy-feeling, foggy, no concentration, fumbling around, clumsy, impatient, CRANKY, hunched shoulders, dizzy. Craving silence, no activity, darkness, being horizontal.

Wow- I spoke too soon yesterday about Day 1 going well. WAY too soon. Before lunch I had a slight headache, but after lunch it basically sucker punched me. I figured I might feel some caffeine withdrawals, but nothing like this. This was like food poisoning/migraine/worst-hangover-ever. Was yesterday essentially drug detox? Could I really be that addicted to caffeine, gluten, sugar, flour, alcohol and animal? I'm reminded of that Queens of the Stone Age song "...nicotine-valium-vicodin-marijuana-ecstacy-and-Alcohol.."

I started a "21-day" cleanse yesterday where I would give up all of these things (referring to the caffeine, etc. list). And really, I am taking it one day at a time, maybe a week is all I can do right now, we'll see. My goal - to get rid of some toxins, feel better, more energy, and do something really good for my body. I read up, shopped up a storm, selected smart, easy and delicious-sounding recipes, and mentally prepared. But wow- I had no idea how difficult it would be to go through that kind of sickness, at work none-the-less. Funny, I wasn't hungry.

Well, it's day 2 and I'm still hopeful, but I decided to not be a hero. I started the day with half a cup of strong tea this morning. The goal here is to feel better, and maybe weening myself off of caffeine slowly while abstaining from all the rest is a better plan. I reserve the right to not be perfect on this thing, but to do well. And recognize every accomplishment.

Please, please Day 2, treat me nice.

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