Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mmmmm, that's good Bass!

I bought a juicer about two weeks ago. And finally carved out some time to glance at the manual, clean some fruits and veggies and give it a spin. WOW- what a magnificent invention! Why did I wait so long?

Juice #1: blueberry, beet, ginger, cara cara orange and tangerine
This one was my favorite (above). The ginger was a really nice touch, giving it a wonderful zing.

Juice #2: Honey Crisp apple, lemon, carrot, tangerine and beet
Pretty good, pretty good. I added lemon because the apples didn't quite give the tartness I was seeking.

Juice #3: Strawberry, beet, carrot, orange, tangerine, lemon, kale, ginger and mint
I pretty much threw in everything I had left. At first very strawberry-y, so I added some mint and more kale (two whole heads). These additions elevated this concoction to the number one slot for my husband. One query though, I'm not sure whether or not to add the stocks of the kale to the juicer or just the leafy parts.

Juice #4: Tangerine, asian pear and ginger
I thought I had made enough juice and was ready for clean-up until I realized I still had a giant bag of tangerines. So why not use them up? Results: surprisingly not as tangerine-y as I had hoped. And having used about 5 inches of ginger, not as ginger-y as I had hoped either. Two things I learned after the fact which might have effected the results: the filter was pretty clogged up with ginger, and the tangerines on their own weren't very juicy and tangerine-y. Now I know for next time.

All in all, a successful maiden voyage in juicing. I didn't even hate cleaning it as much as I thought. Nor the nearby cabinets and my eye glasses from errant spatter. I am ready and armed with knowledge, cash and reusable market bags for this week's farmers market. AND I'll be submitting words like strawberry-y and ginger-y to Merriam-Webster for consideration.

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