Monday, April 18, 2011

Fun for Fam

My husband has never particularly been into fruits and vegetables. It isn't a flavor thing, it's mostly a consistency thing. For example, he likes the taste of pico de gallo, but not the chunks. He will dip his chip into the liquid, without getting any of the tomatoes or onions on his chip. Meanwhile, I think- really? But I've learned to live with it.

Anyway, over the weekend I experimented with my new juicer (more posts to follow). I was shocked and pleased to discover that he participated in the experimentation by tasting - and enjoying I might add- and also snapping a few photos during the process. His photos are great! I love how they look a little dark and edgy, even though making juice is all about freshness and health and invigorating natural nectar! You see, juicing can be fun for the whole family!!

Photos by Greg Jacobs

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