Monday, June 30, 2014

¡Sangria Blanca!

¡Oralé! I finally got the White Sangria recipe I have been desiring for years! I made it last weekend and brought it to a friend's house to enjoy with pulled pork tacos. I'm not sure I even drank any with the tacos, as I was already two hefty glasses in by the time we ate, and I needed to switch to a non-alcoholic beverage at that point. Anyway - it was perfect for a light and cool summer drink, to enjoy during the day and not feel like too much of a boozer.

It was easy to make, throw the booze and chopped fruit into a jar, and bring along fresh mint, and seltzer to top off on a per glass basis. I will post the recipe later this summer, as I believe a couple of personalized tweaks will make it even better. More research (of course) is necessary. Oh, and I will need to take a stab at that Pulled Pork recipe too. So many dishes to make this summer! And off to a great start.


Ribeye said...

i think those were boneless shortrib tacos :). I didn't get to sample the sangria as i was trying to retain energy (by not drinking) to go to the rock show that night. I guess I should have tried the sangria, i didn't make it to th rock show.

sarafina said...

You're right! CORRECTION: Short Rib tacos! I forgot, as I love slow-cooked meats, and it just looked like pulled pork. My mouth just watered envisioning it.