Saturday, June 28, 2014

2014 Summer Cocktail

The other day I threw together a beverage with ingredients I happened to have on hand, and combining them sounded befitting. And it was. Delicious, refreshing and light! I will need to work tirelessly in the coming weeks, so that I can get the portions right, but the cliff notes version is this:
gin, ginger beer, decent squeeze of lemon, bubbly water, dash of angostora bitters, all over ice

Freakin' yum. While diligently perfecting and recording the quantities, I must also brainstorm an appropriate name for this magnificent summer beverage.

p.s. Forgive me if a) this cocktail already exists and I completely stole it, thinking I brilliantly came up with it on my own. Because if I did that, it was undoubtedly so good, I likely guzzled 5 of them, promptly forgetting where/what/when plus my own name. Or b) I already wrote about just such a cocktail, and forgot

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Ribeye said...

sounds summery, perhaps river-y!