Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Baking 4

Pies, crisps, cobblers and tarts! Oh my!!

One of the best days in baking class! What is not to love about these? I haven't tasted my apple pie yet, but it looks like perfection. I also made a lemon tart which I gave away to the neighbors, save for a piece for myself. It was so tart and delicious!
It's funny, every week in class we get a handful of recipes and because of time constraints, we don't make them all. This week, our teacher demonstrated Berry Crisp, which we got to taste, but did not make ourselves. I have made apple crisps aplenty, but have never even thought to make a berry one. I think it's a good thing to branch out, and this class has given me the confidence (as well as the suggestion and recipe) to try something new - and especially to pay attention to what is fresh in the market now.
I've made pumpkin pies, cream pies and berry pies before, but never apple, so it was cool to have that be our assignment this week. I brought the pie to work, and everyone was raving about how perfect it was- the crust, the level of sweetness, etc. I am proud to have done right by this American Classic!
Next weekend is starting to get busy, but because it is a holiday, and there will be no class, I will have some free time, and it would be smart to keep up my baking. Perhaps make one of the recipes that we merely were shown, but did not make in class. Cobbler? Ice cream? Not sure yet...

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Ribeye said...

I enjoyed my bite of Lemon Tart and vote for ICE CREAM this weekend!