Monday, May 19, 2014

Baking 3

Soufflés, pate a choux, and pastry cream. This class was fun, and different -- because I could not try anything that I made. I have been put on a cleanse (by my nutritionist) and I knew that meant I would not be able to taste anything this week. It was fun, just cooking, without the anticipation (or anxiety) of the outcome going into my belly. The cleanse is only for 7 days, and knowing that it would present a problem over the course of this once a week baking class, I chose accordingly which week would be OK for me to skip tasting. It's strange because I pretty much like all sweets, but I'm not a huge fan of puff pastry, eclairs, etc. So I knew it wouldn't kill me to pass this time.
This week, I felt more confident, more at ease, just sort of playing in the kitchen. Often I try so hard to do well, make everything perfect, with the outcome in mind, that I don't put the energy into the process, which would ensure a good outcome (right?). It seems that sometimes, when you ease back a little and just let things flow, it all works out (even better) in the end. And so it was.
I made eclairs, filled with pastry cream, topped with chocolate ganache, and chocolate soufflé with a melted chocolate center. I understand both were excellent! Hooray.

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Ribeye said...

this is all good stuff here ... especially the souffle ...