Friday, September 27, 2013


I did NOT get enough time in this city! First of all, we lost an hour (that we didn't really factor in). And we had to leave to get to our dinner reservations, and almost miss them due to traffic. I just never factored in traffic in the south (like I do any time I go anywhere in Los Angeles). As a result, we had a short and sweet visit. We know we must return, and the traffic-enduced reroute resulted in us seeing lots of farms and backroad country we would never have seen otherwise. So all in all, not a bad trip. But only an introduction.
Watermelon, radish and goat cheese salad. Apparently a known paring,
as this was not the first time I saw it on a menu in the south.
It was delicious!
We ate at a restaurant called Hillbilly Tea, which I found on Eater. I didn't realize that almost all of the restaurants close between lunch and dinner (from 3-5) and that those were the hours we would be there! Anyway- our awesome waiter suggested a few things to see with our 3 hours, and we had a great time!

The new-ish pedestrian walking bridge..
Will take you all the way to Indiana when it's finished!
Our friends (and our new friend the waiter, let's call him Robert) suggested going to the 21C Museum Hotel. Not only are there art galleries in the bottom floor of the hotel, but the bathroom has a one way mirror in it. You can pee, watching the public, and they can't see you! How exciting!
Then there was THIS exhibit! An outdoor exhibit, you could probably easily miss if you didn't know to look for it. It was these three drums, located in an outdoor corridor, that blew smoke rings at random intervals (around 4-7 seconds apart). I could have watched this for hours. It might have been the coolest thing I've ever seen. Seriously, I dig stuff like this.


And what trip to Louisville would be complete without checking out the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory? I wish we had had more time.

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Ribeye said...

Agreed - We need more time in Louisville. Cool city.
And YES, the urinal at 21c was awesome ... As was the tour at 21c Cinci by Joe.