Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bourbon in Kentucky 2

Bardstown, Loretto, etc.
A friend had recently toured Kentucky, specifically the Bourbon Trail, and he gave us some tips. Though we are not regular Maker's Mark drinkers, he told us we could dip our own bottles in wax at the Maker' Distillery, so we needed to stop by. We were there for a dip, a sandwich and off to the next one in 30 minutes or less. Actually it would have been cool to tour this one, because it is so huge. In fact, the parking lot reminded us of Disneyland, lots of tourists, shuttles, people, buildings, groups, etc. Anyway- we bought 2 bottles, and each dipped our own. Mine turned out kinda lame, but at least I brought mine home and look forward to drinking it. The husby's turned out super cool and drippy, but we had to kill that bottle on our trip..
Afterward, we went to Willet, we had heard so many good things. This is a small batch distillery, very different from Buffalo Trace, even though it looked huge to us. We took the tour.
One of the many warehouses on the premises where the barrels age


I loved how worn and raw these buildings were