Sunday, September 29, 2013

Country Girl Farm

The last stop in Kentucky before flying out - a B'n'B Farm off the interstate. This place was fantastic and really rounded out our trip to the south. The lady who runs it was so nice and personable. She was "always a country girl at heart" and finally moved out to the country (from Connecticut) to start her dream. She was great, the space was great, and this experience really locked in my feelings about everyone we met in Tennessee and Kentucky.

People were so nice, genuine and proud of where they're from. When you asked a question, people took the time to answer and help. It was more than good service from someone merely getting paid to be cordial and do their job. More like, we all live on this planet, let's share ideas and help one another out. Many people seemed genuinely interested in our journey, where we might go next, etc. It was really really a refreshing change.

Back to the farm. I'm so glad I got to squeeze in some farm work after a lovely home-cooked breakfast and before having to hit the road. It reminded me of going to my grandparent's farm every summer growing up- great memories.

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Ribeye said...

I'm still scraping goat crap off my shoes, but it was totally worth it!