Friday, June 14, 2013

Johnny Rebs

It had been awhile since I had eaten at Johnny Rebs! I remember liking it, but not having my socks knocked off or anything. But last weekend it was exceptionally good! Pulled pork (my standard) with collard greens and cornbread - Deeeeelish! I had a bite of my friends wedge salad with tri-tip which was also very good. Aside from the food being wonderful, and surprisingly quick on a Sunday, the service was also outstanding. Several people asked how everything was, and how they could help, etc. And not in a we-don't-care-we-just-have-to-ask kind of a way. It felt like a very neighborhoody, southern, warm kind of a place I'd like to frequent. I can't wait to go back and try a wedge salad and maybe some black eyed peas this time, or another seasonal side. I should have taken pictures of the bathtubs outside filled with flowers, next time!