Tuesday, June 4, 2013

farm work

Another volunteer Saturday at the farm. This time it went by quickly, and I feel like I didn't do that much. I'm realizing that farming is serious, unending work. You have to be organized, and think about what comes next, in the coming days, weeks, months and execute your plan.
This time, I hammered in stakes for the tomato vines to grow up. Kind of exciting, because the tomato seedlings I had repotted in larger containers in the greenhouse were actually going in the ground!

I also helped hoe the ground, add amendment (fish blood I think) and plant three varieties of potatoes (red white and blue ones). It will be a couple of months before harvesting these, but I'm excited to see them grow in the coming weeks. 

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Ribeye said...

My favorite part of you working at the farm last weekend was the collard greens you came home with! Yumtacular!