Friday, January 20, 2012

Trade Show Eats

Last week I was in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Trade Show. Vegas is a tough town to try to eat healthfully in, but add in work, and moreover eating with my manager, and it's almost impossible. My saving grace was day 3 when I discovered the salad bar not too far away, and created the greatest bad salad. 
-- Bad salad definition: A salad that tastes really good, but has almost no nutritional value. Usually has iceberg lettuce, croutons, cheese, and lots of Ranch dressing. Theoretically you're making a healthy choice because you're eating salad, but it's really not all that good for you. --
I LOVE bad salad!
I even met a friend at Denny's (home of the BEST bad salad out there, where the term was coined) upon my return for one of their bad salads. Delicious.
More on Vegas eats shortly.....

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