Wednesday, December 14, 2011


... this is what is printed at the top of the menu at Blue Ribbon Artisan Pizzeria in Encinitas. And it should be every restaurants mantra.
We visited B.R.A.P again last Sunday, and it was super. It is becoming a new San Diego favorite. There were 6 of us (including 2 kids), and we were able to share everything. We sat on the outside patio on a brisk, but sunny day. Heat lamps made it totally pleasant. Shared two baby greens salads with pomegranate seeds, blue cheese and candied pecans. Appetizer of black seed popcorn with truffle salt and parmigiano reggiano cheese. And three pizzas: one with sausage and pepperoni, one cheese for the kids, and one special of the day with butternut squash, and arugula that we added the house-made sausage to. It was all quite delicious. It's unusual that kids and adults can go out together, easily find something they both like and equally enjoy the experience. But we did!
We also shared one phenomenal butterscotch pudding for dessert. It was fantastic! Dense and flavorful, with little salt crystals every now and then adding a bit of excitement. I keep thinking I need to learn to make this pudding myself. And while it would be a fun challenge, I know I'd end up consuming more pudding than is advisable. Best to leave it for the special occasion of dining at B.R.A.P.
I believe the true test of a restaurant, is how good the simple dishes are. How good is the house green salad? the basic cheese pizza? the pasta with red sauce? At B.R.A.P., we sampled the simple dishes, and they were superb. Fresh ingredients, balanced flavors (showing creativity AND restraint) with prompt and friendly service makes dining here a pleasure.

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