Monday, June 13, 2011


It's been a year! My blog turned one over the weekend. To celebrate (and feed my sweet tooth) I made Carrot Cake. 

It's an old family recipe, and although I have made it several times, it definitely had been awhile. I forgot a couple of things. Such as- what size to grate the carrots! The largest, or smallest?? I just couldn't figure it out for some reason. My memory is shaky, perhaps from all the sugar I usually consume from licking the bowl. The other issue is that the amount of icing is just barely enough to cover the cake. I made a note on the recipe that I might want to make extra next time. Or modify the steps. For example, because this is a three layer cake, with icing with chopped walnuts, I might want to spread the icing in the center layers first, before adding the walnuts. Only adding them for the outside layer of icing. It would make it easier to spread inside and theoretically there would be more icing left to spread on the outside. Or else, make it just two layers. Anyway- did some other food stuff over the weekend, will post more soon..

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