Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ah-Ha moments in food

The day I had my first steak at Ruth's Chris. Frankly, I had never really enjoyed steak before, and didn't know why everyone made such a big deal. Then one year for Brother John's birthday, we went to Ruth's Chris, and wow- the sizzling plate, perfectly cooked steak, crispy on the outside... I finally got it! Haven't been the same since.

Ginger and Zinfandel. Once while visiting Brother Mike, I made a Gingerbread Cake for my family to enjoy after dinner. I asked if he had anything that would go with it, I was thinking coffee or liqueur. He brought out a bottle of Turley Old Vine Zinfandel. Maybe he knew at the time what a magical pairing Ginger and Zinfandel is. And it was. We felt pretty cool to have 'discovered' it without knowing.

Bananas and caramel.. or maybe it was butterscotch. I don't know. It was a pie from a German restaurant that wasn't there a year later when I wanted to revisit. For some reason those two flavors were so good together. I may have to pursue German Cookery and see if this is a traditional thing, or if it was just a fluke.

Artichokes and milk. I don't know why. I remember this one as a kid, which is probably the last time I had a glass of milk with a meal.

My next cooking class will be on Wine and Food pairing. We will not only put together wines/foods that are harmonious, but discordant as well, just to learn a lesson. I look forward to it!

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