Sunday, August 15, 2010

Food Truck Fest

Food Truck Fest was alright.. I only tried a few. At a Fest like this, they should have made smaller portions, so that people could sample several trucks easily. The price could have been less for smaller portions, then running out of dishes would not have happened so quickly, lines wouldn't have been so lengthy, and the wait to get your food after ordering wouldn't have been so long. I'm glad to know at least the price of admission went to charity. I did get to try the CoolHaus Truck, which was awesome! Their line moved swiftly, they had three flavors left by the time we got there, and we tried them all. I would go back to that truck for sure, and even to a Fest. I just hope they improve it so it runs more smoothly next time.

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Ribeye said...

Don't forget the GREAT BALLS ON TIRES and GREASEY WEINER and the most important thing of all: Long Beach City (tha LBC if you will) will not issue permits to food trucks to operate anywhere in the city ... thus, we have no food trucks. This according to one of the guys in the Calbi BBQ truck I hit last week on Food Truck Friday.