Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sicilian Orange Tart

Wellllll, this was not a huge success either. Partly because I burned the crust (why do I have to make phonecalls during critical times in baking?). But aside from that, the actual tart part just wasn't custardy or tart-like. It was orangey and sweet. Not bad, but not particularly good either. Next time - new recipe!
The one thing I can say is that when I looked at the ingredients that would go into the tart (not the crust part), I was reluctant because it just didn't seem like there were enough ingredients to set up. I doubted, but continued figuring that the recipe-writer knew what they were doing. Well, the final product was exactly what I was afraid it would be - not the right consistency and frankly very one-note in flavor. I am going to consider my red flag feeling about it a win because I was actually able to recognize something of a problem before it happened. I think a lot of failures have to happen when it comes to getting good at something. So -- yay for the fail/mini-victory!

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