Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mexican Chocolate Pudding

I had good intentions, let's start there. I felt like I heard angels sing when I put it together in my head that I love Mexican Hot Chocolate and I love pudding (and making it!). Voilà - I'm going to make Mexican Hot Chocolate Pudding! It's so obvious.
Well, my first attempt wasn't so great. First, I was using a new recipe, that I had to make several ingredient substitutions on because I didn't have enough of a few of them. Also, my Mexican chocolate's use-by date had run out. And I wasn't exactly sure what substitutions to make when swapping out regular chocolate to make it Mexican.
Well, it was a start. And I have the feeling I'm going to obsess until I've figured it out. So look for future posts!

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Ribeye said...

i'm your official mexican chocolate pudding sampler