Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pork Sunset

I have a convoluted method for putting my images to posts in this blog. It usually involves me emailing myself images from my phone, opening them on a big screen, and evaluating and editing what to include, then writing. When I emailed these photos, I wrote "Pork Sunset" as the subject. A couple days later when I saw the email, I had no idea what the subject meant, but got all daydreamy thinking about what it could mean. Then I remembered I had gotten the recipe from Sunset Magazine. Ah-ha! That makes sense. Kind of a boring reason, when Pork Sunset just sounds so exciting and intriguing. Maybe even disturbing. Think: what does Pork Sunset mean to you?

Anyway- I often make rosemary pork tenderloin with brussels, and know that I love that combination. This recipe is different and even combines a few more of my favorite flavors. It is Pork and Charred Brussels Sprouts with Chile Lime Sauce. It was delicious.




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