Thursday, February 21, 2013

Park Avenue in Stanton

I finally tried this place, and the only pic I took was of the cool-ass starburst lamps they had hanging in the bar. This post will be a reminder for me to return and take better pictures, and get there early so there's time to hang in the bar and admire the lamps again.

My review:
The decor and ambiance - awesome. These lamps - fantastic. The fact that they grow their vegetables in the back, and you can walk the grounds and see the garden - wonderful. The service - mostly really good. But the food was a little hit or miss. My steak was totally overcooked, but the vegetable dishes were fantastic. So I have mixed feelings. Overall I think there was enough happening on the positive side to warrant another visit.

1 comment:

Ribeye said...

Nice picture. I agree 100% with the review too. :)