Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Salad Crazy

Aside from the usual goals like 30 minutes of exercise daily, 10 minutes of reading, try and make a dent in my tivo list, etc. I have some new ones!
1. Grow another food item in my awesome new Sunset pot. I think I've decided on mint because it should be easy, it will look good, and it's just so fresh and tasty!
2. Go salad crazy! That is, dig up a variety of interesting new salads and dressings in my many cookbooks and go for it! I was just telling some friends about one of my favorite cooking classes -- the salad class -- and how it was such a great day for me. Why not have that kind of excitement in my own kitchen? Plus it's Spring, eating a plethora of veggies just sounds refreshing right now. So, look for some salad posts shortly. My recent newsletter from Rancho Gordo has added to my motivation with their inspirational summer salad recipes.

Also- just got back from a fabulous trip to Chicago. I will have photos and restaurant reports to post later in the week. PS - the Chicago trip is another motivator in wanting to eat more veggies right now. I mean, if I lived there, I'd be big as a house! Chicago dogs, deep dish, Rick Bayless restaurants, cheeseborgers, no coke, pepsi.....

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