Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Palm Springs

On the last handful of vacations, I have had good intentions of taking snapshots to document great food, cool design, interesting landscape, and overall good times. Then I get there, take a few pics, and realize that I need to unplug. I want to just live it, and not struggle to document it (which often impedes the natural flow of living it). So, it is another balancing act, I guess. Such is life.
Anyhoo- my recent trip to Palm Springs was great! All of the above: great friends, good times, cool design, tasty food, new experiences, blooming desert flowers, etc. Few pics because of the aforementioned need to relax and just be. That and the fact that I was in water much of the time, at the pool, jacuzzi, or in the rain.
Lunch, brunch, cocktails, hip places, and friends
Palm Springs is an interesting place. Close enough to San Diego and LA, but feels far away from reality when you're there. California is such an extraordinary place; so many different worlds are right here, within a 2-hour drive! There I go again, getting all sappy with Cali-appreciation again. I will need to go back to the desert again before it gets too hot.

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