Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Random things

I guess I just like lists. Lists of things I am doing, have done, want to do. This weekend, I did some homey, good-livin' type stuff. And there's still half a day to do more. I:
• took a pilates class
• got inspired to load up my itunes and listen to some bruce springsteen
• went out two... nights ... in ... a ... row!
• drank lots of red wine
• made crockpot chili (new recipe)
• went for a river hike with friends/neighbors/and dog-friends
 cleaned out the freezer
 made a new recipe for pasta salad
 made home-made chai tea
 drafted up the finishing touches of our seemingly never-ending front yard landscaping project, made a specific list of what is left to buy or plant. there is light at the end of the tunnel
 finally watched my netflix movie that has been sitting around for over a month
 signed up for a photography class that involves a train ride, chinatown and dim sum
 talked myself out of buying the ipad2... AGAIN... Still thinking on it 

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