Monday, January 10, 2011

Steak, murdered

I bought a BEEE-YOOT-ee-ful steak at the best butcher shop I know, PlowBoys in Huntington Beach. Worth the trip down the 405. I had a loose game plan, I executed, I doubted, I overcooked. I ruined a $24 steak...
But I'm not going to let it get me down. It was a valuable experience. Sometimes you need to make the mistakes, and be able to identify exactly when you slipped. Then work on it, and get it right.

Coupla things I will do better next time:
• Not wait till starving to begin cooking
• If I notice the butter/oil combo already burned in the pan before placing the steak in, stop right there, and start over
 Preheat the oven, so that after searing, this will be the final cooking method
 Review my notes on how to cook the perfect steak
 Have a plan, stick to it
 Remember carryover cooking, and 
• Be strong, be patient, don't cave and throw it back on

1 comment:

Ribeye said...

I loved that steak ... Was it from PlowBoys? I thought it was from Whole Foods or Bristol Farms (both stores that complete for our WHOLE PAYCHECK ... flippin' $10 asparagus, SERIOUSLY?).