Friday, June 11, 2010

Steak Friday Plans

It's been awhile since we've done Steak Friday. But I'm really excited about a couple sauces I recently learned how to make, so we're doing it! Just the two of us, plus the hound in tow. Great!

Steak Friday is a tradition that my friend's family in Minnesota has done for years, quite simply: they eat steak - on Friday. So straightforward. So uncomplicated.

Anyway- the sauces: I made Beurre Blanc in class on Monday that was so good, I wanted some alone time with it. Truly phenomenal, a game-changer. Tonight, I am going to break new ground by doing essentially the same thing, except I will use red wine (to go with steak), thus it will be called Beurre Rouge. I will also make Red Wine Reduction, so that we may taste each and vote on which red/brown sauce we like best. I may attempt Beurre Blanc again because I brought home green beans that might be extra delicious sitting in a little tiny baby pool of BB. Lastly, I will attempt a chunky green sauce curiously named Salsa Verde, though it is not made with tomatillos, nor is it Mexican/Latin/Spanish/spicy, etc. So, I shall rename it.. hmmmmm.. "Tapenade Verde" paints a more accurate picture. First, I will smear it on bread, then I may top a little slice of cheese with it. Who knows what other fine applications I will discover once it's on the palate. Not sure what the soundtrack will be. Hoping to eat before midnight..

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