Sunday, August 30, 2015

Italy 3 - Assisi and Perugia

These little towns were a short drive from our home base in Agello. They were quite close actually, though sometimes we went through several roundabouts before realizing we had veered off course. All part of the adventure.
I actually remembered Saint Francis of Assisi from Catholic School, so figured I should check out his town. It was great. Small windy roads, giant beautiful Basilica, lots of excellent shoe stores, ice cream shops, bakeries, and many owl figurines. I still haven't figured out why I kept seeing owl merch everywhere, even in other cities. And it is probably the one thing I regret not buying! Why do I need owl merch? I have no idea. Note to self: must start owl piggy bank now for next trip.
old, narrow, and charming with lots of geranium pots lining walls

Flora, our new pal

Owls, owls and more owls

notice the same flower pots on the arch down this little street
so many giant macarons- these were larger than a softball.
I am still kicking myself for not coming home with a smattering
of these miniature canolis. so many different flavors!
And Perugia. This was a much larger town whose streets befuddled our GPS. We wound around and around on the outskirts of town, and finally squeezed into what I think was a legitimate parking spot. We then hoofed it uphill to the main square with a cathedral and giant fountain in front. Another town in which I need return and spend more time. It is the chocolate capital after all. Enough said.
Lots of long winding stairways. And see the building in the center- the pinkish one?
This color was all over Italy. It's so beautiful... in Italy.

So many details when you look up

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Ribeye said...

wow - great photos - i love the on of the interior arches of the church ... taken on a diagonal.