Friday, March 20, 2015

French Macarons

I have been trying to keep active in baking since school ended. Not only trying to make cakes and figure out the rise-problem, but other things too. Because I had a girls' weekend trip coming up, and a few of the ladies are gluten free-ers, I figured it was a good time to remind myself how to make french macarons, naturally gluten free. I only made them twice in school, first time was easy. Second time, not so much. So I tried a couple batches at home.
I had some ideas on various flavors, but settled on earl grey tea macarons. I love early grey tea, and the idea of using it to flavor something besides hot water is too enticing. Later, passionfruit/chocolate macarons from the famous macaron-er (that should be a word-is that a word?) Pierre Hermé, as well as passionfruit/vanilla.
All batches turned out pretty well, not perfect. You could really get obsessed with these things and treat the process like a scientific experiment to get the perfect oven temp, resting and baking time, number of spatula turns to incorporate the merengue into the batter, etc. If time and money (ingredient prices) were no object, I'd be making even more this weekend. They are so cute and pretty! Another vote against spending the weekend tinkering with more batches is I cannot control myself around them! Really, 1-2 is even too much of a sugar shock to my system, so it's not really a smart idea.
Until a later date, I will just hold on to the recipes and all my little notes, and use them again soon. Practice does make perfect. But THIS weekend, I need to get out into the yard! It's just starting to warm up out there; I need to fine tune the patio for many a lazy weekend bbq, weeknight grilling, or daytime sunning with a good book.

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Ribeye said...

very fun and colorful!