Wednesday, December 3, 2014

November wrap up

Brownies, doughnuts and funnel cake, bagels and pretzels, bread animals -alligator shaped brioche-, poached pear in red wine reduction with crème anglaise, praline chocolate teardrop, chocolate merengue crumble, caramel sauce and spun sugar, dragées, panna cotta with raspberry/pear compote, tiramisu (with genoise cake), lamingtons, passionfruit bombes with frozen mousse, coconut genoise cake and cocoa glaze, raspberry champagne rosewater macaroons, pear cardamom pie with pistachio crumble topping, sweet potato/pecan pie, gingerbread cake, gluten-free gingerbread cake, wheat rolls, carrot cake, pine nut/rosemary shortbread cookies and butterscotch pudding


Ribeye said...

yum to the 31st power (I think i counted 31 items).

sarafina said...

Wow- that's one item a day (plus a little more). No wonder why my dreams at night are all about piping and cookies and lattice crusts. The 7 books I have checked out from the library right now are books on food. I'm officially a foodie, or maybe I just need to get a life :)