Friday, March 1, 2013

Beef Stroganoff with radicchio salad

This recipe is from my friend Dennis (check out his blog), he got it from Saveur magazine. He claimed it was easy, fast and they make it all the time. Trusting his taste (he loves food the way I do) I decided to give it a shot. He was right! I did veer off-course by skipping the potatoes (though it sounded wonderful), and I threw the whole thing over egg pasta noodles, because that's how I grew up on the dish. The only other thing I would change for next time, I would double the sauce as I like a lot of 'gravy' on mine. On the whole, a definite winner of a meal!
The radicchio salad was supposed to be a red cabbage salad with shaved parmesan. But I was out of parmesan, and in a hasty move at the market, I actually bought radicchio instead. So I made a nice and bitter radicchio salad, with lemon/garlic/oil and parsley, plus I threw some avocado on mine (not on the husband's, he's not down with the avo). It was delicious! I didn't really process the fact that it wasn't cabbage until a day later. Kind of slow I guess, either that or hungry.

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