Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Orleans Food

We had a few great meals, a few average ones, and one comically horrible meal. Here are some of the highlights of the best....
Tacos at Juan's Flying Burrito. Must return to this tasty and casual
establishment on Magazine Street in the Garden District

Perfect and scrumptious: Cochon. btw - Harrison Ford
had been sitting under the pig just minutes earlier!

Delicious appetizers at Cochon - ribs, alligator, grits..

The after dinner Moonshine tasting!!

Some kind of fish I had never heard of for dinner. When in Rome....
The highlight of the trip (food-wise) was definitely Cochon. I was looking so forward to coming here, and it did not disappoint! Also quite good: Surrey's Cafe, for breakfast. Great iced coffee, many vegan AND meat options, two locations on Magazine. Funny- we randomly got this recommendation at home from an eaves-dropping fellow diner at our neighborhood breakfast spot (Blackbird Cafe).

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