Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Organ cactus flower from my yard
This cactus only blooms once a year. Good thing we chopped down
some plants in front of it to reveal this gorgeous creature
Spring has sprung! Last weekend, we cleaned up all the winter weeds and grasses in the yard, trimmed back some aloes and agaves, cleared off the patio, made it ready for our first impromptu BBQ of the year! It was a glorious weekend, weather-wise, and getting outside in the sunlight did wonders for my mood and too-low vitamin D level.

AND we found a kitten!! It sounded like a bird chirping at 3 second intervals, so we followed the sound, and found the little guy between our yard and the neighbor's, tucked in between some plywood. Poor little guy. Only one eye open, fuzzy, grey and small. My husband was the brave one that poked around and found him. I contributed by having the bright idea of just walking down the street until we found his mama. And, strangely, that plan worked. I had already started thinking of names for him, completely ignoring the fact that I'm allergic to cats, and shouldn't even think about naming him. her? who knows with cats.

Also- I made a couple new and super easy dishes to go with grilled hamburgers that night: roasted lemony rosemary potatoes and steakhouse wedge salad. Flying by the seat of my pants on both dishes, they turned out really well. Hooray for somewhat effortless, successful pursuits!

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