Thursday, September 1, 2011

Half way, güey

I am exactly half way through a 21-day cleanse. And a holiday weekend is coming up. Time for a recap, reevaluation, some new goal setting, etc. Two issues: 1) Food and 2) beverage.
I feel proud and accomplished on the food tip. I feel pretty good -not perfect- on the beverage tip. It's difficult.
It turns out: abstaining from gluten, sugar and animal product- NOT as difficult as abstaining from alcohol and caffeine. I KNOW it's difficult not to drink, especially because I like to. And I have befriended many like-minded folks who feel the same way. Thus social situations are a challenge. This weekend, I'm thinking that I would like a cocktail or two, to relax and enjoy and to celebrate some much needed time off. Hell it's summer in SoCal- I think a margarita is just a basic human NEED!
My plan: Keep the gluten, sugar and animal product out still, but enjoy a beverage maybe 2 out of 3 days this weekend. Then resume the whole darned program Tuesday. That should keep me in check (enough).

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