Monday, November 22, 2010

Watching, Reading, Listening, Looking

Soon, I will have pictures from recent dishes I've made over the last month. Having technical difficulties that have taken precedent. Also, having physical difficulties that have been a challenge- fractured sesamoid bones in my left foot. Kinda sucks. Can't go for long walks, and probably shouldn't be standing on a hard floor in the kitchen for hours. But I've gotten away with some cooking..
That's why today I'm starting this feature- Watching, Reading, Listening, Looking- a concept I was inspired to do after reading the Distressed blog.
So- to stay connected, this is what's going on:
watching- mad men
reading- medium raw by anthony bourdain
listening- weezer and billy joel
looking- art by friends- three gallery shows in LA just one week ago!
OK and making- tiramisu... and Tuscan Soup

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